About iPersonalyze Marketplace

The iPersonalyze Marketplace is a showroom of print on demand and personalized gifts and promotional products from the iPersonalyze Network.

The Marketplace is a creation of the  iPersonalyze Team who believes Mass Personalization is the future and that digitally produced products are not only more sustainable and better for the environment, but also more meaingful and emotionally impactful for the user.  Personalized products when used in the promotional products industry for corporate accounts enables advertisers and marketers to finally implement what was originally called by Peppers and Rodgers... One to One Marketing strategies.  One to one marketing strategies are simply the marketing of a brand uniquely to an individual.  So Instead of marketing a brand to "and entire wall of bricks, you makrket to each idividual brick uniquely".  Products with personalizatiion increat the number of impression exponentially by a factor of 10 and result in the cost per impression plummeting.

Mass Personalization is the wave of the future.

The entire marketplace for print on demand (POD) and personalized products are booming and the complicated creation of print ready artwork is a challenge for many entrepeneurs who need to master "graphics" quickly.  To encourage and support startups and entrepeneurs the iPersonalyze Team realized after years of creating products and websites that simply eliminating the obstacle of creating a print ready artwork file would be a real help for many.

Personalized Gifts say "You're Special"

Personalized gifts show that  you went out of your way to find a unique, relevant gift and showed the love to take the time to personalize it to make it theirs alone! A personalized gift is the one treasured keepsake that gets passed down through the generations.  Our job is to make you feel good you cared enough to give something that will be cherished.  

Select a Personalized Gift never seen anywhere else!

Our gifts are as unique as each special person receiving it! The majority of the designs and galleries  we offer were created by our talented individuals, and are available only on our website.

We value our customers! Whether you need help choosing a gift, tracking a package or if you have questions once you receive your gift – our award winning customer service team is prepared to give you the answers you need. 

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Our website is secured by the latest industry leading encryption software for online merchants.